New Playlist: Songs for Self Isolation

Well, of course you do! You can never have too many playlists! 

With that in mind, I’ve complied a Spotify Playlist which is loosely based on theme of songs for self-isolation. I say ‘loosely’ as mostly, the songs happen to be songs that I personally like. However, there is a thread that connects them. 

You can listen to the playlist here: Songs for Self-Isolation

I’ve always had a penchant for self-isolation – I was always fairly good at Hide & Seek as a child. Plus, as a musician, your time is largely decided between pursuits which seek attention or those which are best done alone. 

That said, I do hope you enjoy me playing DJ (I know I do). If you have any suggestions for a playlist you’d like to hear, please do get in touch – I will be adding more playlists to my Spotify Artist Profile as we continue to flatten the curve. 

Stay safe folks and keep the tunes going!