New Video for World Mental Health Day 2020

Here’s a new song and video for World Mental Health Day. The song is called ‘Blind Leading The Blind’ which I wrote about two months into the first COVID lockdown.
Throughout my career, I’ve written a lot about mental health issues, suicide and loss. The last six months have been difficult from a mental health perspective have been difficult I have to say and I know I’m far from alone in feeling this.

The fear of the virus and what it could do to our loved ones, the lack of physical contact, separation and so on. The anxiety that comes with not knowing when you’ll be back to work in any meaningful way, or if what ‘work’ will return at all. As Tom Petty said “The waiting is the hardest part” and it true but also uncertainty is a killer. It’s been a tough six months all around and it could be a very long winter.

It’s a strange one because as long as I’ve been a professional musician – particularly in the early years, I got used to being able to live hand to mouth. Sort of like a farmer making hay while the sun shines, etc. You’d have very lean times with little or no gigs or money but you’d have busy times too, and as a system it worked out okay. During the last recession in 2007-2010, it was hard at times but the pubs and clubs were open and we as musicians could work and get by. However during the pandemic, there has been a complete shutdown of our whole industry from top to bottom, with no real gigs to get by on.

It’s hard but what’s harder is not knowing when this will all end. If in March this year, we knew it’d be six months or even a year, I think that one could psychologically manage that. Not knowing makes it much harder I think and not knowing what it will be like when it does open up again is also worrying. We’ve already had a few false dawns and each one drains the resources mentally a little more each time.

The live streams have been enjoyable and a nice way to connect but I really miss a real audience in a real room. So yes, the waiting is hard but the not knowing is worse. Sorry about the rant, but I’m sure everyone has been finding it tough.

In other (positive) news, some mixes from my new album have been winging their way to me from Monique Studios in Midleton, Co. Cork, so that is exciting. I can’t wait for them to find your ears. I don’t quite know yet when that will be but I imagine it will be 2021 at this stage. Fingers crossed. With that, I’ll sign off now and I hope you enjoy this song and video.

Mind yourselves.

Much fuzzy love,